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“I just read the review you completed. It synthesizes a great deal of complex material in a wonderful way. And talk about lessons learned! – We will share this far and wide.”

–SalesScope Customer

“This review is great!
I’m amazed at the information you were able to get from the client.
These reviews are exactly what we need to better prepare us for future opportunities.”
–SalesScope Customer

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Sales Professional Development

“The 4 Fundamentals for Selling High Value, Complex Solutions” is a self-paced audio/video web-based course.  It consists of a collection of Lessons Learned and Best Practices focused on the four selling fundamentals we found winners effectively apply to their sales opportunities to win more deals.

We use real sales examples and statistics to teach what your sales people need to effectively Qualify, Differentiate, create winning Strategies, and Navigate through the buying organization. There are eight modules, one for each of the four fundamentals, and then four “libraries” of tips, and examples, and lessons learned gleaned from recent win and loss reviews. We add to the libraries each month with fresh material from our ongoing work on customer win and loss reviews.

Click one of the links below to see a sample lesson excerpt from "The 4 Fundamentals for Selling High Value, Complex Solutions".

Course Introduction for "The 4 Key Fundamentals for Selling High Value, Complex Solutions"
Qualification module excerpt
Differentiation module excerpt
Navigating the Buying Organization module excerpt

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Win and Loss Reviews

Customers use us to conduct one or a series of win and loss reviews on their key deals. We’ll spend from 3.5 to 5 man-days of effort depending on the deal size over a period of 3-6 weeks typically depending on customer availability. Multiple interviews with the deal team will be conducted by phone, with multiple one-on-one interviews with key members of the customer’s decision making team. These typically are done face-to-face.

The review Objectives and Deliverables are listed below:


  1. Understand how and why the customer made the decision they made.
  2. Understand specifically how the winner differentiated itself in areas of Solution, Team, or Business Arrangement in order to win the decision.
  3. Understand the ranking of the key competitors at the major milestones in the decision-making process, and how and why rankings changed during that process.
  4. Identify the key decision criteria and how your company compared to the primary competition.
  5. Surface the major strategic or tactical issues that, either positively affected your win, or, had your company acted differently, given you a higher probability of a win.
  6. Generate a set of recommendations and lessons learned for future consideration.
  7. Understand, from the customer, your company’s positioning for future business (if you wish us to acquire this information).


  1. A written Loss or Win Review, typically 8-10 pages, detailing:
    • The process we took with the client
    • The background of the opportunity
    • An executive summary
    • Detailed findings including, but not limited to, what took place, the perceptions of the selling team, the perceptions of the customer, competition comparison, decision criteria, etc
    • Lessons learned
    • Recommendations for future action
  2. Conference call, scheduled at your option and convenience, to review the findings.

Click either of the links below to read an example of an actual review.

Services Solution Loss Review
Product Solution Loss Review


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