Customer Testimonials

“I just read the review you completed. It synthesizes a great deal of complex material in a wonderful way. And talk about lessons learned! – We will share this far and wide.”

–SalesScope Customer

“This review is great!
I’m amazed at the information you were able to get from the client.
These reviews are exactly what we need to better prepare us for future opportunities.”
–SalesScope Customer

Welcome to SalesScope, Inc.

Understanding how “winners win” and “buyers buy”, and then helping you apply that learning to increase your win ratios, is the heart of what we do.

Win and Loss Analysis: We’ve conducted individual win and loss analysis on over $6 Billion worth of buying decisions since 1999. Customers include such firms as Accenture, Deloitte and United Healthcare. We help you learn how and why buying decisions were really made through one-on-one interviews with the key decision makers on your major deals…and then we package what we learn so you can leverage those insights to improve sales team performance going forward.

Sales Professional Development: Immediately leverage the insights we have gleaned from ten years of SalesScope’s win and loss reviews by accessing our web-based self-paced course “The 4 Fundamentals for Selling High Value, Complex Solutions”. Our win and loss review results show that winners excel in four specific areas:

  • Qualifying the deals they work
  • Clearly Differentiating their solution against the competition
  • Developing the right Strategy to win
  • Effectively Navigating the buying organization.

Your sales teams can immediately begin to improve their abilities in these four areas to win more deals by signing up to access this course now.

If you are interested in developing a sales force with higher win and loss ratios, contact us today.  If you want to find out why you won a deal or why you lost a deal, contact us today.  SalesScope, Inc. can help you and your company become more effective and more profitable today.



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